Wednesday, November 30, 2016



I just learned that I will be published in Bella Crafts Magazine coming out this Thursday
One of my collages will be in the magazine, it is titled "Doorway To Beauty"  This was made on a 16x20 canvas, painted with gesso and hues of red paint  I then added some scrapbook paper on top  I put the lady in the center and proceeded to add different ephemera to the canvas.  I also added Vintage lace to the top and bottom.  As you can see, I added a doorknob, so that is why it is titled "Doorway To Beauty".
"Doorway To Beauty"

I just learned that I am being published two more times.  One in Just Steampunk again coming out next year will be this Vintage Circus Train that I made from Altoid tins.  This train has all the hints of an old time circus.  The bearded lady, the fortune teller with the snake and crystal ball, it even has a fun house and a cannon.  The front has a locomotive with a puff of smoke coming out of it.  Miniature cotton candy and lollipops adorn the refreshment car, It says Barnum & Bailey on top and I added lights and a music box.

Vintage Circus Train


YAY! I got published in Just Steampunk's Winter issue, This is the magazine and my work is below
I made a Steampunk top hat with a mask and eyes with eye lashes.  The second is a Steampunk bra I made for Adelphi University as I have said before on my blog, it was a charity event and silent auction and all the proceeds went to breast cancer,  My bra sold for $250.00